Please call me back, puleeeze

We finally replaced Silverlotus’s Harmony phone (complete with malfunctioning Hold button) and answering machine with a shiny new Panasonic 2.4GHz (damn, it’s faster than my PC! :D) cordless phone set. It was a bit more expensive than I would have been totally comfortable with (it was $135), but we had a Bell World gift card so there you go. I’ll consider it an investment against future dropped calls and missed messages.

Hopefully people who call us by mistake looking for York University will stop leaving retarded messages on our digital answering system.

Our old answering machine used a microcassette, and the microcassette was deteriorating to the point all the voice recordings came out warbly. It sounded like everyone that left a message was crying or at the brink of tears.

I’m going to miss that answering machine.