Mail and lickr

I got a GMail invite. Personally I’m a bit ambivalent about it all. I’m interested in the concept of using GMail is a cyber life recorder, but the practical me just sighs and says, “Ho hum, another email account to manage. And a web-based one too.”

To be frank, I’d rather have a 1GB of webspace than a fatty mailbox. Then again, someone suggested that I could keep photos in there and manage them via Organizr, so the GMail account may come in handy after all.

All in all, both apps seem fairly nice to work with. Some have suggested they have transcended to a level of usability that was once the sole domain of desktop apps. This means the Network Computer is closer than ever.

Aside: Have you noticed that if you type in “alcohol” in Google your first search result is not about the devil’s milk we all enjoy responsibly from time to time, but the Alcohol 120% CD copying software. Goes to show, geeks would rather rip music than imbibe.