A jolly rogering

When I moved back to Toronto, I discovered I wasn’t allowed to stick my ExpressVu satellite dish on the building, so I had no choice but to obtain my television from our local cable monopolist, Rogers Cable.

Because we are such a valued customers, Rogers has awarded us by putting me on their email spam list. Every month I get sales pitches for the latest Rogers whatzit. And what happens when you click on “unsubscribe”?


Well, you have to fill out a giant form plus urine sample and signed letter from the Queen to get removed off the list. All fields are required to be filled in. Oh yeah, your wireless cellphone number is also a required field, so, you know, Rogers can be extra extra sure that you are you and they’ll never stick you on their telemarketing list, cross their hearts and hope to die.

The funny is, after sending off this form (I put down a fake phone #), I am still getting the Rogers spam newsletter.