Phone bashing is my calling

Kyocera 7135: I had to laugh at this photo collage of some frustrated user busting a few caps in his Kyocera 7135’s ass. I have two coworkers with the 7135 Palm phone, and besides the fact you look like a geek toting around this monstrous phone, its problems are legion. One coworker had his crash several times a week, and even considered asking Bell Mobility to let him just keep the cheapo loaner Nokia 3865.

My other colleague seems to have a patched version, although he doesn’t like the interface. It seems like the Palm UI was grafted onto the phone’s UI, so sometimes you can use the touchscreen and sometimes you can only use the numeric keypad. Dialing numbers while driving is impossible, since you’d have to whip out your stylus, press “Main”, click “Address Book”….

Motorola MPx220: PocketPC phones are not immune to the same problems, it seems. My sister had a prototype of the MPx220; some wag at Windows Mobile gave her one. She thought it was great; she could check her mail and MSN and Outlook calendar and take pictures and everything.

So I asked her how was the RF quality? “Actually, it keeps dropping my calls,” she said sheepishly.

But hey, who needs a phone for talking when it’s got a mean game of Solitaire?