Our house, in the middle of the park

Humber Bay Bridge 1.jpg First Excursion: The Humber Bay Pedestrian Bridge. I actually knew the engineer who built it. There are three types of animals hidden on the bridge structure.

We took a stroll down the Western Beaches, and it amazes me how beautiful our neighbourhood is. Virtually all the lakeside all the way to Ontario Place is striped with trails amid parkland and beaches. And ice cream stands, which Silverlotus approves of.

Finished off the invigorating walk with a dinner at Yumi on Bloor West. It’s sugarpops to have a good Japanese restaurant close by, even if it’s a bit on the pricey side.

Portside.jpgSecond excursion: Tall Ship Kajama, facing aft on the port side as we travel westward in Toronto Harbour.

I took Silverlotus and her parents on a boat cruise on the Kajama, a three-mastered schooner. We sailed from her berth at York Quay due west to the mouth of the Humber Bay and back, for a total of 1.5 hours. Fortunately, the clouds rolled in just as we docked.

Not too long ago, Harbourfront was a grimy industrial complex. Now it’s a thriving tourism area with many docks for many ships.

An interesting observation: York Quay has fifteen gardens, all designed by local artists. My favourite is one composed of plants growing out of old television sets, by Janet Morton.

We spent the next hour whiling away browsing the tourist traps at Queen’s Quay.
I actually got Silverlotus to put on a hat – it was a giant $70 Tilley hat that you could hide a machinegun in, but a hat nonetheless.