For the game…oh yeah and the money

The Canadian Olympics Committee is pretty hardnosed about their brand. They’re even complaining about sports-themed advertisements run by companies that are not Olympic sponsors.

Bell Canada, as a bonafide Olympic sponsor itself, has one amusing rule governing the Olympic rings logo. The COC logo (Olympic rings with a red maple leaf) cannot be shown in any public advert that prominently features a The phones of Samsung_web.jpg cellular phone not manufactured by Samsung, who is also a registered Olympics sponsor. If the image of said non-Samsung phone is small and has its company logo removed, it’s okay.

As Boing Boing pointed out, “Companies sponsor your games because they’re important and lots of people watch them, not because they can be assured that Olympic venues will be swept clean of rival logos.”

Might be a moot point anyway. Apparently live Olympic attendance is very low at the moment. Maybe they had to refuse entry to too many folks carrying non-Dasani bottles of water. The problem is being solved by giving away free tickets, which is a common solution for any undersold public event.

The Samsung-Bell pact did bring about a really nice phone, though. Silverlotus got a “Samsung A660 Olympic Edition” flip phone (left), and it’s better than my A500 (in the centre) in almost every way – smaller, lighter, cheaper, better graphics, better sound, better voice recognition – but lacks an external LCD screen. It also makes a pretty tinkling noise when you open or close it.

She plans to get some acrylic paint and sandpaper to remove that COC logo in due course.