Lives on random shuffle

“I didn’t upgrade to the latest cheats, and I was banned.” He was waiting at St. George Station, carrying a canvas and a hiker’s backpack, so he’s probably a university arts student. He got banned from playing the online game Counter-strike. No remorse or guilt in his voice; it’s a minor inconvenience. Ironic since in the online gaming world, where gaming skills can mean cash prizes in cyberathelete competitions, cheating brings out very strong emotions. He plays “Amplitude” on the PlayStation2 now.

Two rollerblading teenagers, cruising down Bloor Street Village, are regaling this curious story: “So then, this asteroid heads toward earth and then turns around, saying “F— that!” But he’s not talking about what he’s seen on television or on the movies. He’s talking about the Flash animation “WTF Mates?” (The End of the World).

Saw a man teaching a young girl sign language on the streetcar. Did you know there is a gesture for “Tim Horton’s”? I only caught it in the corner of my eye so I probably am not getting it right, but it looks like the index and middle fingers pointed outward as your right hand moves in a wide upwards arc from right to left. “McDonald’s” is signified with a gesture tracing the shape of the Golden Arches.