The best independent studies money can buy

I hate Scoble
And I hate Microsoft too,
They patented the double click and kinetics
In hopes that they can someday sue

They sent Ken Brown after Linus
spreading uncertainty far and wide,
Standards they extend and extinguish,
while pretending to be on our side

“Linux is like a cancer!”
Say Redmond-backed “independent” shills,
It costs too much unless it costs too little
In case you’re the country of Brazil

Even the European Union
Thinks that Microsoft’s gone insane
“Their salesdroids are hindering competition,
“It must be the free Talking Rain!”

But maybe I’m being too hard on Scoble,
And unfair to Microsoft too.
I like my Internet Keyboard Pro
The FTEs are just human, true

They’re not all living rich on Mercer Island,
Although they’re smart and clever
No one can challenge their work ethic,
Plus they made Flight Simulator

They may suffer from Asperger’s, hubris,
or “Not Invented Here” for sure
But that’s easy to see when they get Windows XP for dollars 30
At the Microsoft Company Store

Just open your checkbook,
Just click “I accept”,
Let them control your music
Let your consumer choice be forfeit.

But I can tolerate the constant security exploits
I can take the lousy CSS support in IE
But there is one thing I cannot forgive nor forget…
And that’s the delay of Halo for the PC.

Of course I don’t hate Scoble. How can you hate someone you’ve never met? As for Microsoft, they do good things and bad things. However, I wish they did more good things.