Homebrew? My site isn’t coffee

On May 25th, my good friend Dezza IMed me about making a new website design to go with his new domain, MaskofChina.com. I remarked that there’s nothing wrong with what he has now; after all, he made it himself, it’s homebrew. To which he replied, “Nah, I need a cool one…now that I got my own site…My site isn’t coffee!”

As Dezza likes to say, it’s a Chinese Situation. Behold, before and after:

maskofchina_before.jpg maskofchina_after.jpg

Fortunately, my CSS has improved to the point that I could sketch the design, code it, inlay the Blogger template codes into it and launch it on midnight June 14th. I followed the tried and true avante garde blogging template: two floating columns centred on the page. The only irritating thing is another of IE’s quirks: if an item on the left column exceeds the set width of said column, the right-hand menu will cease to wrap.

I also designed a favicon for his site (to see it in IE, bookmark the site and click that bookmark). The Chinese character for Friend. Hope you enjoy it, buddy.