Had a dream last night, and it looked just like a dream

So I was sleeping and I had this strange dream last night. I had signed on to play a forensic investigator on the TV show, CSI. I also remember thinking this would look good on my resume. I had to explain to this little girl that I had to take away all her stuffed toys because they were evidence and that they may have “little tiny things you can’t see” that I could use to catch the bad guy. She kind of lost interest when I started talking about microscopes. One of the other investigators suggested I just spray Luminol on them.

Then I was on a snowy mountain, and I had to shimmy down a foxlift back to the main headquarters somewhere, where this Joe Pesci lookalike and two other men received me. The journey was exhausting, so I had to be wrapped in quilts and rehabilitated. However, I suspected that this was a trap and they would betray me (I mean, has Joe Pesci ever play an honest character?). Lo and behold, they were actually wheeling me to a trash compactor.

Fortunately, I was lucidly dreaming, so I jumped out and kicked two of them in the face, knocking them out. The third man, who looked like Jesse from “Full House” but Asian, was a more worthy adversary. I had to use all my martial arts skill to defeat him. I finished him off by grabbing his left wrist and spinning him upside down, and kicking him in the neck. This fight sequence was all in slow motion, like we were underwater, which is a typical dream sensation.

Later in the dream I was driving around the terrain in a MicroMachine SUV.

On an unrelated note, I had a big bowl of Rolo ice cream about an hour before I went to bed.