Wassup was robbed

Speaking of memes…Seanbaby and Wave Magazine lists the Top 10 Best Internet Fads. The Kiss Me guy, Cats, and Tourist Guy makes the list. But where is the Budweiser “wassssup” parodies? Philistines!

These breakdancing Decepticons seem to have come in too late to make the list.

Memes have an unusual staying power. I was at the streetcar, and two girls started singing the Hampsterdance; that is, if lyrics such as “dib-a-dib-a-dib-dib” can truly be sung and given its proper respect without a worthy dose of helium.

Giggles later, one of them reminisces, “Boy, I remember hearing that when I was 5!” Oh, woe is me to have been born and raised in the dark ages before the web!