The butterfly flies tonight

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This souvenir came in the mail today. It’s coming. It’s the website. Apparently the portal folks over at Queen’s Quay have been burning the midnight oil on this one. Hopefully they did right this time. Here’s to you folks, this all better be worth it.

Update: Nice site, although My Page doesn’t work in Mozilla and GetEmail seems to be down for most folks. Email passwords are also being transmitted unencrypted?!

Changes are three-fold:

  • new Sympatico MSN portal, with special customized version for Sympatico subscribers
  • MSN Premium software (free or by subscription, it’s not clear)
  • Sympatico Mail Enhanced by MSN (kinda like a Hotmail/GetEmail combo)

I was in the beta. Meh, it’s all about brand strategy.

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  1. Castles of e-Sand

    A surprise call day before last, Will Rowley phoned to tell me the news we’d all known for a while had just now come to a reality, Sympatico was now Sympatico/MSN and…

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