Sanitary engineers anyone?

Big surprise: CNET reports that 22% of all technology workers lack four-year degrees.

I remember my co-op job at the Systems & Technology division at a major national bank. My manager had taken Anthropology.

That’s why you should hire me. I’ve got my Bachelor’s of Engineering, I’m the real deal, all natural whole grain, unlike those other cheap knockoffs. Heck, I spent five years in engineering purgatory to get a Management co-degree, all the while the Arts and Commerce students sat in their 3pm classes on a Wednesday dressed to the nines, ready for another night at the clubs.

Which goes to show, once you leave school and get your first professional position, your education is irrelevant.

2 thoughts on “Sanitary engineers anyone?”

  1. Sorry I don’t have the reference handy, so take this with a grain of salt as perhaps just a good cruel joke, but I’d heard just a few years ago a report from IEEE saying 2/3rds of all those presently holding valid Engineering degrees were either unemployed or seriously underemployed; the same article spoke of an annual survey which, for the first time in their history, found the majority of Engineers would not recommend Engineering to their college age children.

    I’m not an Engineer; I applied to aerospace and U of T put me in Comp Sci instead. Fearing a life spent in late nights hunting missing semi-colons with chartered accountants, I later transfered to Psychology.

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