Day 6: The big day

_The following is from my journal from our wedding trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for Wednesday, Sept. 28th_:

138%20The%20Model%20Sleeps.jpgAnd what better to start the final hours of single-dom but to bug out to downtown Puerto Vallarta? Woofer, Shell, JK and I booked a taxi and made our way to the town a dozen kilometres northeast of our resort.

We saw a lot of cars with custom rims. I don’t know why they are so popular. I even saw a vintage VW Beetle with what looked like 21″ dubs.

Another distinctly unique PVR experience: someone asking JK if he “wanted a man”. Vallarta has a big gay population. A monolithic cruise ship came into the harbour today, which meant the vendors would be particularly pushy. Judging from the cat calls “Are you from San Diego?”, “Do you like San Francisco?”, etc., I’m guessing the cruise liner is bringing hundreds of Americanos with their green money.

What we did come for was three things: homegrown premium tequila (fortunately price-controlled), cigarillos, and some Internet access. I had two minutes to check my Gmail and ISP. After nearly a week away from the keyboard, I was surprised I still remembered how to type. 😉

We headed back to the Riu via city bus. As a busker sang “Stand By Me” in the back, I sat in a bakelite molded bench while staring at a giant sticker admonishing me to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and a replica stained glass vignette of a bleeding Jesus.

P.S. There is a Hooters directly across the street from City Hall.

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