Future, short, sweet

So I’m at the new gentrified Gladstone Hotel watching Future Shorts Toronto, a screening of short, amateur film. This month’s theme was conflict and war.

You can watch some of the films here:

  • Mark Cutforth’s Shaolin Delivery Boy. It’s very, very funny.
  • Simon Robson and Knife Party’s What Barry Says, political commentary on the US’s industrial military complex.
  • La vie d’un chien, When a scientist invents an elixir that temporarily changes a human into a canine, the government fights to ban the drug, and the fight for freedom begins. Think of it as La Jetee, but with furries!

Intermission music was provided by this guy and gal with a sitar and didgeridoo respectively. I think I’ve seen him play at Runnymede Station. They’re pretty good regardless.

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