Vista: Not fully hatched, media still insists on counting

New York Times is calling Windows Vista’s sales to be more weaksauce than Wow:

“Despite reportedly committing close to $500 million on its Vista marketing worldwide, Microsoft did not generate nearly the excitement last week as it did 12 years ago when the company introduced its 1995 operating system.”

Of course, in 1995, New York Times ironically painted Windows 95 sales with the same doom ‘n gloom:

Microsoft Corporation’s Windows 95 operating system is not gaining adherents as rapidly as previously predicted, because of the continued success of older versions of the Windows system…

It’s true, Vista is having some shortcomings in the driver compatibility department, and major software stability, but really, it’s an operating system, not tickets to see Justin Timberlake. People will get around to grabbing a copy – eventually.

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