Wii all scream

Let me say this now: the Nintendo Wii is the first gaming console where my business associates will spontaneously talk about – and this is without me first broaching the subject of my glorious video game collection.

Maybe it’s because it’s a physical manifestation of Nintendo’s embrace of disruptive innovation and blue ocean strategy. Or maybe it’s because it’s freakin’ cool. It is everything a typical game console is not: it’s small, quiet, and uncomplicated.

I took several co-workers to check out the live Wii demonstration at Toronto Eatons Centre, and several came away saying that if they ever touched a game console, this would be it. Check this kid out playing a boxing game on the Wii:

People are getting so excited play this thing, there are reports worldwide of people accidentally breaking their television sets, fixtures, and even bystanders’ faces. I couldn’t help but notice that the Wiimotes at the demo had a thicker camera strap backing up the standard, thinner one:

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