A novel affair

This will be my first bachelor and bachelorette auction. I assure you, however, that everything was above board and in fact for a good cause – specifically to build a school in Nepal, and grant 10-year scholarships to 6 Nepalese girls.

You see, after our work team saw John Wood speak at Power Within three months ago, our manager became empowered to help form the Toronto chapter of Wood’s charity, Room to Read. This fundraising auction, held at the ritzy Dominion Club, was a direct result from this formation.

My awesome friend Space Cadet graciously volunteered to be on the auction block, and as you can see from the photo, her twins were working the crowds that night. She was a bit nervous and I had to promise to be an “angel investor” should the auction not go well, but as you can see, she sold without any assistance for a respectable $850, the third highest hammer price of all the lovely lots. Heck, even James Wood put in a bid, threatening to “steal your Canadian women”.

Probably the only thing amiss was that Space Cadet’s “intro” song wasn’t Rage Against the Machine. Oh, and that 60lb gift basket full of chocolate at the silent auction that went for $300. That was just wrong.