Day 4: Imagine a day where you only had one appointment

_The following is from my journal from our wedding trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for Monday, Sept. 26th_:

099%20Engrish.jpgDue to Mexican legal statutes, we had to take a mandatory blood test. (I later discovered this is to ensure we in fact did not have syphilis.) It was very painful because no blood would come out and the hotel medic kept digging the needle into my vein like he was digging a foxhole. Finally, he just gave up and made a second incision. Worse still, ther was some weird movie on his television involving Winona Ryder in a redneck family.

Oh, and the blood tests were $180 US and no, it was not included in the wedding package.

Afterwards, we bodysurfed the morning away. And ended up with a tan mark on the inside of my elbow where the bandage sat.

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