Day 3: Someone comes to town

_The following is from my journal from our wedding trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for Sunday, Sept. 25th_:

The food services here are very efficient. 050%20Paradise.jpg One day we’ll have fries. The next day, pureed potatoes (which Silverlotus couldn’t stop eating). The day after that? Cream of potato soup!

I spent the morning riding the waves with Silverlotus. I spent the afternoon waiting for my sister Shell to arrive and get squared away. Later that night, she discovered the liquid bliss known as the Mojito. We played texas hold’em in the sweltering night heat at the bar. I actually won!

Silverlotus has always been a sleep connoisseur, and the pillows here have fallen short of her lofty expectations. “There should be a minimum size you can legally call a pillow,” she grumbled.

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