Day 1: A Mexican vacation, and more

_The following is from my journal from our wedding trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for Friday, Sept. 23rd_:

021%20Fountain.jpg Saw five vintage VW Beetles on the road today. And a jalopy truck with the words “$18,000 FOR SALE” scrawled in its back canopy window. 18,000 pesos, that is.

It’s hot and humid. Really hot. Unfortunately most of the resort, the Rui Jalisco, was open to the elements. We waited in the sweltering nighttime heat to obtain bottles of water (don’t drink the tap water!) and get upgraded to a junior suite. They’re also out of hotel safe keys.

Stood on the tidal line with Woofer and V until 1am, braving the warm night rain, listening to meringue music on the beach, and staring into the black void known as the Pacific.

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