Accident at Eaton Centre

On Tuesday at roughly 5pm, I was walking in the Toronto Eaton Centre, and saw a man plunge from a railing to the basement level below.

I don’t really want to talk about it again, but here is a thread I upened at DSLR: Posted on Categories life

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  1. My friend also witnessed the incident. She has been feeling strange since it happened. Lots of different emotions were stirred up in her, and even though it is not pleasant for her to recall it, I have been talking to her about it cause I don’t want her to just hold it in. She said she felt bad that she felt some anger toward this person, but I said she shouldn’t. It was most likely a suicide and he could have fallen on someone and killed them. And I don’t understand why he chose to make this a public spectacle, that is horrible. My friend said that the sound haunted her for days. Try to talk to someone about it if you are feeling out of sorts. You may not be sure of how you feel, but it could be good to get it out. It’s good that you wrote about it.

  2. Thank you for the kind suggestions. I do feel better about it, now that I’ve uncovered more info about the incident (thanks to speaking with friends and reading those forum threads). There’s some closure, although it’s still not clear whether the jumper survived.

  3. Yes, I also witnessed the aftermath. I stepped off the escalator from the food court just a few moments after it had happened… I tried to look away but was sickened by the amount of blood. I must have wandered around in a daze for about half an hour after – eventually, I approached a security guard but was pretty much lost for words. Does anyone know if the individual is OK?

  4. Someone did the same thing today at Montreal’s Eaton Center. He dove from the 3rd or 4th floor and landed in the basement level where I work. He died instantly. The sound is haunting me…

  5. actually this week …around 3 pm …a man jumped from the fifth floor to his death in the montreal eaton centre….what was really weird and suprising is that even though he laid there under a red cover…awaiting the coroner , people went back to work and shopping like he was non existant…..this crazy world huh?!

  6. he died he was my friends dad he live in gpk and it was a suicide i kill hisself beacous of the presure frome home and at work, he work at the eaton center

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