Drive by blog entry

In honour of the Detroit International Auto Show, which is wrapping up after an eventful week:

Autoblog A general purpose site for checking out the newest designs, and post comments about how you love Mopar and what’s with all those cheap faux wood interiors these days??

The Truth About Cars Frank yet eloquent car reviews. What other autojournalist would describe the Chrysler 300C alternatively as “stylish malevolence” and a “bad-ass gangsta-mobile”?

GM FastLane Blog General Motors entered the blogging scene this year, and their blog has already turned almost as many heads as the new Corvette. If they can keep up with the postings, answer comments from their fans and “keep it real”, this will be a great advertising coup for them.

Car Cost Canada For when you’re finally sitting down and buying a car, you can find out what is the lowest price possible.

Dieselstation – Fuel For Your Desktop And when you realize you can’t afford that car, just cut your losses and download wallpaper of your favourite gas-guzzler and look at it. And pretend you’re in it.