Maybe they get a continental discount

Yes boys and girls, before the Internet, if you didn’t have rich friends with those then-$600 CD burners, you had to have an Asian connection. I personally remember Hong Kong’s warez bazaar called the Golden Arcade.

Boing Boing reports on crazy Chinese bootlegged DVDs, watching movies in China, and more. Those plucky Chinese manage to make even terrible movies into inadvertent moments of entertainment:

“The DVD cases are works of pirate art. They are all made in the same style from hard glossy cardboard. Cheaply made, but professionally graphically designed. They’re so uniform, you can tell they almost all come from one maker. What makes them art, though, are the mistakes: made by a genius dyslexican who flunked the TOEFL. English literacy here is almost zero.”

Gentlemen, start your engrish.