No woman no country

Mars and China have one thing in common: they both need women. Thanks to a pro-son cultural bias and China’s one-kid-per-couple law, China’s newest generation has too many males compared to females.

While this may mean a lucrative market for the Japanese makers of the girlfriend lap pillow, the implications of the one-child rule are far more ominous for the Chinese. With no women to keep them in check, they’ll grow up to be lonely, irritable young men with too much spare time on their hands – a recipe for a rebellion.

It is a scientifically provable theory, said political scientist Valerie Hudson of Brigham Young University. And it’s backed up by what any high school graduate can recall: “When guys got together, did they sometimes do stupider and more reckless things than when they were alone?” she asked.

The crucial factor is the effect of bachelorhood on behavior. “The reason that’s important is that only when they are married do they begin to have a stake in a system of law and order that will protect their loved ones,” Hudson said.

In a classic case of chaos effect, their government’s own seemingly benign natal-societal policies could mean its political downfall.