The Secret of IKEA

We have discovered the secret to IKEA – visit the store on Christmas Eve. It’s completely deserted. managerspecial_175x100.jpg
It’s ironic, on the day every other store is filled to their vents with shoppers with poor time management skills, the Swedish Sensation is silent and wonderful.

Another secret we discovered is that IKEA is good eatin’. The Manager’s Special gives you soup, a refillable drink, and swedish meatballs and potatoes topped with cream and ligonberry sauce. And have you ever tried their ligonberry juice? It tastes like cranberries but without the tartness, and it goes down smoooth.

We came back to IKEA yesterday to help V buy a bookcase. It wasn’t silent and wonderful, but we did manage to pick up some of their swedish meatballs from their food shoppe. Silverlotus and V also tried some glog (no relation to gagh). It was served warm, and they reported it was a bit strange, but not entirely despicable.

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