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godfatherhorsehead1.jpg I love hugging Silverlotus’s pillow. It’s warm and cuddly, and seldomly asks for jewellery. And lo, it is not I who enjoys a good pillow now and then:

1. Cool heads will always prevail with the Chillow, a gel-and-water based pillow that wicks heat away from your head, giving a pleasantly cool surface to sleep on all through the night. Just add lukewarm water to it once and off to the sheep counting races you go.

2. The Godfather buffs can enjoy a cute plush pillow shaped like a horse’s head. Hopefully it’ll be the closest you’ll get to sleeping with the fishes.

3. I suppose turnabout is fair play: the Japanese are replacing men everywhere with perfect snuggable facsimiles of our arms and torsos. And if the Boyfriend Arm Pillow doesn’t depress you, get this – it even has a vibrating alarm.

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  1. Hello – I’d like to order three of these pillows for an event with Mark Winegardner (the April AWP conference in Toronto). Couldn’t find contact information – could you send please?

    Carrie Brandon

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