Schlock locks

In Thief: Deadly Shadows, one of the Keepers’ proverbs is, “You may have found the lock, but do not assume yours is the only key.”

So it’s kind of amusing in a shaudenfreudeish way to discover that most Kryptonite bike locks, the Cadillacs of U-shaped bike locks, can be opened with the end of a Bic ballpoint pen. The circumference of the Bic matches that of the circular keyhole.

I sorta wish I learned this five years ago; I wouldn’t have to resort to cutting my rusted-out bike lock with a dremel.

We’ve also learned that Kensington computer locks can be picked open with a paper clip.

Of course, no lock is perfect, and it seems that Kryptonite is now investigating the issue. Until then, fellow bikers, perhaps our Kryptonites are best used to club would-be bike thieves in the head.

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