Welcome to teh intarweb

Have you ever been to some event, and then saw it covered by the news? Didn’t you think that the newsreporter and yourself must have gone to different places? That was my thought, coupled with horror, this blow by blow account of Fox News’s human interest story on blah blah blogging:

“And here Matt Weiler has to patiently explain the difference between a weblog and a chat room. No kidding, they asked both of us about that. It’s like getting a squirrel confused with a mailbox because they’re both on the sidewalk.”

It includes not one, not two, but three hard-hitting interviews with Random Morons On The Street.

I don’t even want to know how the newsmedia will react to eccentric Flash animations such as Hey Hey 16k – Animation by Rob Manuel; Song by MJ Hibbett. I remember my first exposure to computer gaming was Ultima IV on the Apple IIe. The skeletons looked kinda like Sinead O’Connor. These guys are right, what *does* 16k get you today? An Outlook macro virus, maybe.

You too can be a crazy cat person with hundreds of cats with The Infinite Cat Project. Basically, someone takes an adorable photo of their cat, post it for someone to take a picture of their kitty looking at the image on the monitor, ad infinitum. Being me, I’ve noticed an unusual number of Sony Trinitrons in this crowd.

In the D drive: Codename: Gordon, a 2D sidescroller inspired by the upcoming Half-Life 2, available for free on Steam. A silly time-waster, and a good way for Valve to test and demonstrate their Steam content preloading and delivery systems.