Village pillage

A Duck.jpgTomorrow will be our big Doors Open excursion, but today, we decided to poke around the neighbourhood, check out some garage sales.

Saw a Macintosh Classic for $3. Not sure if it worked. I really, really wanted it. Other interesting things on sale:

  • The Book of Mormon
  • Holiday Inn complimentary soaps and shampoos
  • Spice World“, on VHS
  • A rather nice Chinese wood carving display
  • an Ewoks lunchbag featuring Wicket and Princess Kneesa

We then tottered off to High Park to see Colbourne Lodge, and see the wildlife at High Park. Despite the many warnings and signs forbidding the feeding of the animals, they seem quite portly all the same.

Duck and cover

Wow, more really vague warnings of terrorist attacks. How can these alerts be constructive to the average person, I have no idea. Did you know that when the blackout of ’03 occured, all the news immediately thought it was a terrorist attack? (It was, perhaps more troubling, really due to the fact the aging US energy infrastructure hasn’t been properly funded or upgraded in decades.) I fear that when and if a real threat arises, the people will start ignoring the Politician Who Cried Wolf.

But hey, maybe if we keep the populous scared and insecure enough, they’ll consume and keep consuming. Keep buying those gas masks and Cipro pills; live each day as if it’s your last. Keep X-raying shoes and frisking grannies at airports. Why scrimp and save for that bungalow-sized SUV? Buy it now in easy monthly payments, while you still can! Besides, you can drive it over lesser cars with it when the time comes to escape the dirty nuke.

When did this culture of fear become to be considered as normal?