Open Source Conference: Finale

Interesting fact: the conference was also presented online in realtime to attendees around the world. They used ePresence, a LiveMeeting-esque interactive webcasting system developed at UofT. They plan to release that software as open source in the near future.


  • Daniel Allen has set up the unofficial wiki for OSCONF.
  • Slashdot With links to articles from the Ottawa Citizen and Newsforge.
  • Only covers the morning of Day 2, and then angles it as Young (Red Hat) vs. Matusow (MS).
  • GrokLaw PJ expresses interest in the ePresence system used for webcasting this conference.

Webcasts of the conference will be also be available for free on the website.

Pet Peeves
Scheduling: This conference could have easily been four days. Day 2 ended at 9pm AT NIGHT. And many attendees were turned away from the microphones due to lack of time.
conference 021.jpg
Do what we say, not as we do: In Day 1, Brad Behndorf apologized before hand if his slides were a bit messed up, since the presenter laptop used PowerPoint. Gary from Teledyn pointed out the conference website ran on Microsoft IIS 6.0. It