I get less insults in Counterstrike

Starting about two months ago, I started going to badminton sessions at my local community centre. I figured it was a good way to hang out with Juice, get a little cardio, and basically stay out of trouble four hours a week.

I confess, I never played badminton until two months ago. I played tennis only briefly in university, and own a tennis racquet that’s never been used in five years. I have lousy depth perception to boot.

However, I’ve trudged along, and Juice has encouragingly told me I’ve already improved immensely.

So it came to my surprise to be insulted twice for my beginner’s skill last night.

One of the “regulars” confided with me that I was a poor player, and I was cramping everyone’s game. “They are just too nice to tell you,” he said. He continued on this point, and concluded by saying I should practice at home before coming.

I’m not entirely sure how I’m supposed to practice badminton by myself in my apartment. Unfortunately, he was not as helpful in providing tips on this regard as he was on commenting on my apparently pathetic skills.

It was if he told me not come back to the public swimming lanes until I did enough few breast strokes in my bathtub to keep up with the other participants.

The second fella, my playing partner, was even more blunt. Right before a serve, he noticed I was wearing a Goodlife Fitness t-shirt, and remarked, “You should go to Goodlife more often.”

This was from a guy who wasn’t exactly Mr. Universe himself, although he wouldn’t look out of place at a hotdog eating pageant. I seriously wanted to point this out to him in an equally derogatory way, but just playfully wagged my finger at him and continued playing.

Later that night, I noticed that I’ve never seen a single person compliment another person on the courts. With attitudes like these, it’s no surprise that many novices decide to quit. I won’t, but I’m not terribly impressed right now.

I apologize to everyone. I thought I was in a community centre, not the World Badminton Championships.

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  1. As I said last night, this is exactly why I don’t play CS. Everyone is so darn competitive about everything now. Doesn’t anyone just want to play a GAME and have fun? 🙁

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