Canadian comfort food

From my thread: Canadian Comfort Food

I was reading the latest issue of Maclean’s, and they were talking about Canadian junk food. I was surprised how much unique stuff we have that is undeniably Canadian. Here’s a short list I whipped up:

Coffee Crisp
Joe Louis and 1/2 Lune (my breakfast choice from 1986-1989)
Cherry Blossom (mousse with nuts and cherry sauce)
Hawkins Cheezies

Nanaimo Bar (a brownie-shaped pastry with white icing and cream)
BC Ferries’ Sunshine Breakfast (described as “eggs Benedict drowned in fluorescent yellow hollandaise”)
Smoked Salmon

Persian (Thunder Bay, pastry with egg, sugar and pink icing)
BeaverTail (Ottawa, deep-fried pastry with cinnamon)
Roasted Pigtail (St. Jacob’s near Waterloo)
Pickled Pig’s Feet (St. Jacob’s near Waterloo)

Poutine (the one famous Canadian dish)
Smoked Meat Sandwich (Montreal)
Bagel (Montreal)

Scrunchions (crispy cubes of pork)
Fish ‘n Brewis (boiled salt fish and bread)

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  1. I am looking for the recipe for beavertail dessert, the only place i have ever had it was in Ottawa, when we lived there two years ago. Dave

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