In the D drive

Star Trek: Elite Force II

I liked this game. It was the best Trek game in what, six years?


  • interesting environments. As an old fan of TNG, it was pretty fun to walk around the Ent’s decks and Starfleet HQ.
  • nice detail. Generally everyone to talk to has something interesting to say. Funny conversations (like the plant fetish lady, the tribble smugglers, “Tholian figurines” etc.) ala NOLF
  • Trek lore. In-jokes about the Gorn, and TNG episodes like “Masks” and “Relics”. Anyone see the Enterprise NX-01 logo in the shuttle bay prep room?


  • Not very good AI. Bad guys are kinda dumb. Teammates never help you properly. Your teammates even crack jokes about you as a one-man team.
  • Didn’t like the “exomorph” plotline. Insect-like swarming aliens has been done to death. Fortunately we do get to shoot Romulans, Borg, etc.