Super Jumpman Bros. 3

A list of most popular enemies to shoot at in videogames, in order of most acceptable to least acceptable:

  1. Robots
  2. Manned vehicles (planes, tanks, spaceships)
  3. Hellspawn
  4. Nazis
  5. Alien critters
  6. The undead
  7. Terrorists
  8. Fascist military operatives
  9. Innocent ethnic bystanders
  10. Innocent white bystanders
  11. Crippled children, nuns

On the bookshelf currently: Tad William’s Tailchaser’s Song. A fairly whimsical, if a bit gory animal story. I like how the cats have their own creation myths; the first “M’an” was a disgraced cat that was stretched out and scalped. M’an was then condemned to service the cat race for eternity. Can’t you just see cats thinking something like that?

In the D drive currently: Freelancer, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory