Pass the korma

a920_spring2006%20012.jpgAfter a five year hiatus, I finally tried Indian cuisine again. I’ve shied away from everything except samosas because of a bad experience at a buffet in Hamilton (6 curries. Six colours, same taste).

But I went to Mantra on Elm Street, and I really enjoyed myself. There was salad and chutney, chicken in some orange sauce, and some awesome vegetable korma. There were even samosas, and nothing was fiery spicy, which my stomach doesn’t take a liking to. Vegetable korma! Where have you been all my life?!

The best thing was how everything smelled. The air was lit up with the aroma of spices. It was like having a room filled with Dristan.

2 thoughts on “Pass the korma”

  1. It wasn’t until I moved to Ottawa that I really got into Indian food. I’m sure there are even better gems in Toronto! You’re definitely missing out!

    Speaking of food, I want to try out the brazilian BBQ place some time, dinner and a show, $50/person, more on Friday/Sat nights.

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