New course at Lakehead: How to Ignore Empirical Facts

Smart university: University of Windsor goes wireless. In partnership with Bell Canada SMB, they just completed the crazy task of deploying over 1,000 802.11b/g wireless hotspots in and around campus.

Stupid university: Lakehead University bans wireless networks because it has “the potential for ‘some fairly significant’ health consequences”.

Other devices that work on the 2.4GHz spectrum at equal or higher electromagnetic strength than Wi-Fi devices but presumably are allowed on Lakehead’s campus:

* cordless phones
* walkie-talkies
* microwave ovens
* TV extenders
* Bluetooth devices (cellphones, headsets)
* Garage door openers
* Microwave radio transmitters on buildings

Maclean’s currently ranks this Thunder Bay-based institution of higher learning in 16th place out of 21 primarily undergraduate universities.

4 thoughts on “New course at Lakehead: How to Ignore Empirical Facts”

  1. I am pleased to see that a lot of University’s have the wifi hotspots and such. I can’t believe that any University would ban the wireless network. That is crazy. Thanks for the info.

  2. Surely you are not suggesting that Lakehead’s 16th-place in the Maclean’s survey may have something to do with them not going wi-fi? A suggestion like that- would demonstrate stupidity.

  3. What I do know is that Lakehead’s FUTURE standings may fare for the worse in 2006.

    I doubt prospective students will be impressed by a school that denies them a useful educational technology over unfounded and ambiguous health risks.

    Neither will prospective IT employers be too comfortable with hiring students from a school whose leader has basically stated the IT equivalent of saying the earth revolves around the sun.

  4. There are some 7,000 plug-in internet connection points scattered across the campus- nearly one for every student. Ubiquitous wi-fi would add convienience. But students don’t go to Lakehead because it is convienient.

    Are there any IT jobs left that have not gone to India or China?

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