How cool is that

chapleau_jan%20072.jpg Does your job involve you being given an Xbox 360 Premium, two controllers and a game and instructed to take it all home and play the living daylights out of it?

Apparently mine does.

Admittedly, there are others with cooler jobs in engineering. Check out IEEE Spectrum’s Dream Jobs 2006 Special Report. They interview one of the lab technicians from Discovery Channel’s __Mythbusters__, and the guy who maintains the water fountain system at Las Vegas’s Bellagio Hotel (Each fountain can fire water 160 feet into the air with the force and sound of a shotgun blast). In the end, the Xbox 360 is only a loaner.

Quickie 360 review: I love the integrated content delivery system that is the Dashboard that lets me download game demos, trailers, and access music and photos from networked PCs. I really hate the noisy fans, which sound like a hairdryer on medium.

In the 360: __Project Gotham Racing 3__.

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