Day 7: Flavour of the week

_The following is from my journal from our wedding trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for Thursday, Sept. 29th_:

159%20Aww%20they%27re%20swans.jpgWith my duties as groom complete, today was a quiet day. Silverlotus and I met with the photographer. Armed with an Apple 17″ iBook, the photog let us pick which photos to print out. So we did. And then Woofer and Aunt F showed up to look at the photos. Then Silverlotus’s parents came by to take a look. Then JK and Michelle showed up…

Basically it took us ninety minutes to look at 60 pictures.

Woofer and Aunt F went on a canopy tour, zipping on foxlines among the tall leafy trees. We floated on the surf, trying to catch a big wave. In the afternoon, it was our turn to be the rubberneckers, as yet another couple walked down the aisle to the gazebo.

The real kicker was learning about the resort gossip. Apparently most of the guests thought we were the prettier couple. So there.

P.S. Playing Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” to Silverlotus doesn’t get me nasty looks anymore.

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