Day 8: It was criminal to wake up that early

_The following is from my journal from our wedding trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for Friday, Sept. 30th_. We will resume regular scheduled programming shortly:

200%20The%20sun%20appears.jpgLast day in the hot, hot sun. Woke up absurdly early with Woofer and V to catch shots of the sunrise. I got a few good shots, and a few more bug bites to add to my collection (Aside: They’re not mosquito bites, and they are extremely itchy). Tried my hand at the air rifle range, and I’ve decided to never make Woofer cross because he’s a bloody crack shot.

For the first time the entire trip, the water was cold and the surf stormed ominously. So we sat by the beach, had our last view of the “Historia Channel” on TV, had a nice square meal and head to the airport.

And Shell and JK, who arrived late and would depart on Saturday, went jewellry shopping at the hotel boutique. Here’s a (paraphrased) exchange between Shell and the shopkeeper over a small silver necklace with Mayan designs on it:

Shop Guy: For you, special price, 900 [pesos].
Shell: I don’t know…that seems a lot. Does it look good on me?
SG: If you buy now, 850!
Me: Too expensive. It’s only sterling silver.
SG: What do you think is a reasonable price then?
Me: 500.
SG: Ha ha ha!
Me: The design is nice, but the metal isn’t worth much.
Shell: I’ll think about it. Thanks anyway.
SG: Wait!! I’ll sell for 550!

Turns out Shell didn’t have any cash on her anyway…
P.S. Attention all travellers, the lounge between the two duty free shops (which sell identical things for identical prices but compete against each other) does not have a PA system. You can miss your flight unless you walk downstairs. I would know.

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