Sashimi on thin ice

This article in the Toronto Star made me sad – in 90 days all Toronto restaurants cannot serve raw fish. It must come frozen.

As you all know, sushi, sashimi and Scandinavian cuisine often demands completely fresh, raw fish. Sushi chefs are saying freezing the fish will ruin their taste and turn their textures from buttery and firm to chewy and mushy.

Personally, I think that if raw fish is shipped and handled quickly and cleanly, there should be zero problems. One chef suspects that most food poisoning comes from bad hygiene by the cooks, not because of the general state of the goods.

First they came for the sunny-side eggs. Now it’s our sushi. What’s next, a law requiring bars to boil all their beer?

Update: My fellow members of the bourgeoisie have succeeded in getting health officials to reconsider, with some mulling a fish grading system, like what they have for meat. Let them eat maki!

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