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“$35,000 of rocket is now a whole lot of primo Armadillo Droppings. There are a few pipe fittings that survived, but that’s about it. It’s a good thing Doom 3 is selling very well…”

– John Carmack’s assessment of the crash landing of his X-Prize contender. Carmack works at Armadillo Aerospace as well as id Software.

“I used to have this chat-up line, my only chat-up line, as a little test: Imagine you’re walking on a path – what’s the path like? Imagine you go to the woods – what does the forest look like?”

Peter Molyneux, creator of simulation games such as Populous and Black and White, on his innovative strategy in picking up women.

“Ask kids in the back of a car on a two-hour trip, ‘Hey, would you like to have your videos there?’ My kids would. I guess Steve’s kids just listen to Bach and Mozart. But mine, they want to watch ‘Finding Nemo.’ I don’t know who made that, but it’s really a neat movie.”

Bill Gates, pointing out the advantages of the Portable Media Center vs. Apple’s iPod music player. Finding Nemo was made by Pixar, of which Steve Jobs is CEO.

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