Time only knows

If you’re going to be late going home, call the home and let your woman know. Especially if you and your friend (say, Juice) go on a roadtrip to Costco. If you don’t, it is advisable to bring back some treats, such as grilled chicken penne alfredo for supper and two freshly made catuccis (pastry rolls filled with ricotta cheese and chocolate chips dusted with powder sugar) for dessert.

POP.jpgIn the D drive: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The Prince finally makes a debut to the 3D world in proper style (unlike Prince of Persia 3D). Very smooth, simplified gameplay with a great soundtrack, although combat with multiple enemies can be thorny. You see, the Prince will automatically “lock on” to the last target that struck him, and you cannot switch targets manually. This can be frustrating if you are just about to give the final blow on one monster, only to automatically switch to the one behind you that just took a swing at you. Also, only half a dozen enemy types, and you’ll have fought them all 30% into the game.

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  1. I’ am from Hungary, I don’t know the language well, but i am happy, ‘caus i discover what is OMG 😎 AND i’ am a big fan of prince of persia (SOT, WW) and i like the movies of kindred blades…. i said like? Sorry i mean i LOVE, ADORE ’em 😀 pretty god, Amazing!i have all os ww, sot soundtrack, and i have something, intresting for you:http://www.setbb.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=105&mforum=vgforum

    The new s.track of the pop3:
    Gates of Babylon – Yngwie Malmsteen
    Enter Sandman – Metallica
    Believe – Disturbed
    Darkness – Disturbed (For ending credits) I know 2 of these: malmsteen G o babylon
    metallica enter sandma
    i think tey are good for pop3.
    I played out sot:5
    ww:also5 😛
    I think, when pop3 is availible to buy…
    I think i ready to kill for it 😛

  2. SORRY, but I don’t read these when I listed the K.B. sound tracks!:( “Here is a compilation of songs I think would fit the soundtrack for Kindred Blades…Please add to it if you know of any.” But I like these stuffs. sounds good to me.

  3. 👿 That game is damn good and i dare u all gyz to beat the game with all LIFE upgrades in just 3 hours yes i can……and i did this with Warrior within….
    because I am 2 DAMN BAD>…
    call me KAKULUKIA……

  4. Eh, I’m from Poland, but I’m feeling like in the dream about the Sands of Time. I can’t speak English very well… But I’m sure You all will understand me.

    First time I saw PoP: SoT in my cousin’s computer and then I thought it can’t be only a game. It’s a magic too. A magic of sound, graph and time.

    Best wisches for all.

  5. Alright i downloaded the song but in order to get it u will first have to download a program called bear share and then just write time only knows on the search bar and u got it.
    P.S: To download Bear Share go to bearshare.com. Dont worry it is free and u dont have to pay for the song.

  6. Hi… I need hlp… Do you know cheat where if u enter some keys u will go to secret level from POP (1st game (Jordan Mechner 4ever)) I’ve 3 walktroughts but i can’t find this lvl. Please Help me.
    P.S. I’m from Czech Republic… My english is most worse on this planet 😀

  7. The code for the secret level in PoP:SoT is:
    Start a new game, While outside on the balcony enter this code.
    While holding L3, Quickly Press X, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, X, Square, Circle.

  8. I watched the trilers for Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones 😛 PLS tell me who sings “time only knows” from the first game of the trilogy because I want to learn to play it on my guitar :rambo: :rambo: :rambo: :uhh:

  9. I’m from India, Iceman – got myself PoP T2T from EBGamers – you need an International Credit Card and you need to confirm your purchase, before they ship it to you.

    It costs a helluva lot of money though, with international courier… while T2T costs 49$, you pay almost 82$ if you want it by courier!

  10. if anyone wants to download Pop songs, the best(and free) way is to download limewire at limewire.com if u have that u can download songs, documents, programs, movies(or the Pop E3 trailer). good luck to all (excuse my english)

  11. Hey Guys. The new POP is REALEASED!! YAYYYYYYYY!!!
    Gosh, I so really want that song “I still love you”!!!!!
    But, cuz new, i can’t find it anywhere, weeeeee! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 POP Rocks, i just played popww and goin to start popttt. I can’t wait!!

    If any of you guys know where to get the soundtrack on the internet of POPTTT, i would looooooove to have the url. really. I have never trouble with downloading.


  12. Sorry, for all the posts. (I’m a bit excited, i guess. :evil:)

    Here’s the lyric:

    I still love you:

    (I know, I love)?
    And there is no tomorrow,
    I should have known,
    All the pain and sorrow,

    I could only,
    See your mind,
    Desperate measures,
    For desperate times.

    I can’t stand pain,
    Soon you’ll die,
    I still love you.
    The fact still remains,
    Time will tell,
    I still love you.

    In peace,
    At the same time crying,
    There’s phrase and solitude,
    But there’s no use denying,

    Things between us,
    You can’t hide,
    Strangers …..???
    Upon your mind.

    I can’t stand the pain,
    Soon you’ll die,
    I still love you.
    The fact still remains,
    Time will tell,
    I still love you.

    You can’t see him,
    But he’s there,
    As the voice says..??
    You will decide,
    In time, in time…

    I can’t stand the pain,
    Soon you’ll die,
    I still love you.
    The fact still remains,
    Time will tell,
    I still love you.

    I can’t stand the pain,
    Soon you’ll die,
    I still love you.
    The fact still remains,
    Time will tell,
    I still love you.

    (I am totally in love with this song, i must admit it’s better than ‘Time only knows’ Which is a good song too.)

  13. 🙂 Just finished POP:TTT again, listened to the song and I can fill a couple of blanks in Trickster’s lyrics.

    It starts “Aaaahhhh / Alone / And there’s no tomorrow”

    Then “A stranger’s handprints / Upon your mind”

    Other than those, it matches perfectly.

  14. Im also looking for “I still love you” if someone could post a URL where I can get the file I would be most grateful.

  15. i love this game but what i dont like that they made this game with an muslim charachter (the prince there is God writed in his sword in arabic) why dont they use a charchter with no religion or race (persia is iran)

  16. it would be great if somebody could record it directly from the game with OPTICAL digital cable without any quality losing. i had long time ago but it got deletet :tired: :ermm: :sleep:

  17. ya ya great, but is there anywhere to actually download it, like have it on windows media player? I went to that igromania place, and it plays on quicktime, and I cant add it to WMP, last time I checked. Thankx.

  18. Hy! I come from hungary,Maryem Tollar-I still love you i think Maryem Tollar sing the song I found this name on the internet,but I didn’t sure that info

  19. Time only knows is sung by CINDY GOMEZ 😎

    From Wikipedia:
    Music for the game was composed by Stuart Chatwood of the now defunct Canadian rock band The Tea Party. The vocals of Maryem Tollar are featured throughout the game. The ending credits song is sung by Cindy Gomez. The battle themes are also very rhythmic and catchy.

  20. I looooooove this song (((time Only knows))))))) but why da hell this is incomplete when i downloaded this song……please send me a full track of time only knows and i still love you.i would be grategul 2 him or her……

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