Because "market share eroder" doesn’t sound as nice

Why must everytime a new tech gadget seems to somewhat compete against an existing gadget, the press goes wild and calls it a “[insert predominant product’s name] Killer”? Imagine if other products were sensationalized in this way – you’d see headlines screaming, “Campbell’s is the Lipton’s Cup-of-Soup killer!” :nono:

So with great fanfare it is announced that Microsoft is preparing an ‘iPod killer’ for Europe. (Neowin discusses these news.) As per Microsoft’s “kitchen sink” philosophy, it plays music, movies, and photos; basically it does everything except get a job to pay off its $800 US pricetag.

Considering that, according to Gizmodo, this so-called “iPod killer” is “three times as thick…and roughly twice as long” as Apple’s prodigy child, one would have to assume that this “portable” player will be killing them ‘Pods by sitting on them.

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