Flexing the OL tag muscles

Francis Wheen’s Top 10 Modern Delusions

  1. “God is on our side”
  2. The market is rational
  3. There is no such thing as reality
  4. We mustn’t be “judgmental”
  5. Laissez-faire capitalism is the prerequisite for trade and prosperity
  6. Astrology and similar delusions are “harmless fun”
  7. Thin air is solid
  8. Sentimental hysteria is a sign of emotional maturity
  9. America’s economic success is entirely due to private enterprise
  10. “It could be you. . .”

Jeffrey Veen’s Seven Steps to Better Presentations

  1. Tell stories
  2. Show pictures.
  3. Don’t apologize.
  4. Start strong.
  5. End strong too.
  6. Stand.
  7. Pause.