Moneris goes MPLS

Moneris (the guys in Canada that provides the services to your favourite retailer so you can pay with your credit and debit cards) are migrating their x.25 IP network to Bell Enterprise Group’s IP VPNe network, which uses Cisco MPLS technology. VPNe is a good thing because it will let Moneris to finely tune their bandwidth, set classes of service for different kinds of traffic, and basically get a more consistent, secure and reliable connection.

Moneris is used by a lot of big name retailers; everytime you swipe your card at places such as Shoppers Drug Mart, Staples, or Future Shop, you’re using Moneris. These clients can also migrate to VPNe, and seamlessly link up to Moneris’s private VPNe network through an Extranet VPN connection to exchange – and control the flow of – data easier. They will also still support their cheaper, dialup network for smaller shops.