How not to handle a cellphone

So Juice picked up a Nokia 6100 in Asia, unlocked it, and ported it to Rogers AT&T’s GSM network.

Samsung A500First problem: he paid $300 US for this phone. Certainly it’s a small colour phone, but Canada has many very fine phones of that calibre available (such as my new Samsung A500 from Bell Mobility), and at much lower prices to boot.

Second problem: He sat on it. Broke the LCD screen.

The warranty is probably only good in Asia, and even if it wasn’t, it is probably void because it is unlocked. Rogers won’t accept it since it is not a Rogers supported phone. And LCD screens, being the unavoidably fragile things they are, are usually not covered by warranties anyway.

Juice says only the screen doesn’t work, so he’ll keep using the phone. I imagine he will cancel the Call Display feature.