The IE guy gave me a margarita

London Airport has only three major carriers: Air Canada partners, WestJet, and Northwest Airlink. That was good enough. Northwest was the preferred carrier of Microsoft.

If you are already afraid of flying, then you will be absolutely petrified at flying a turboprop. With the decor like that of a worn-down taxi and the crampness of a bus, this small Saab SF98 was to take me to Detroit-Metro for a connector flight on a “real” jet. I forgot to mention: what is known as “turbulence” on a jumbo jet, is what is passed off as “smooth flight” on a turboprop.

Still, I did make it safe and sound to my final destination – Seattle. My goal is to see if my sister had settled in properly. Before last week, my only real knowledge of the city was what I had gleaned from City Confidential, which is an A&E documentary series on a small town and a gruesome murder or murders that had taken place in said small town. But Seattle felt like London but with 2 million people – it was hot in the day, cold in the night, and rainy all the time.

Once landed, I ended up in the apartment of Shell’s friend, surrounded by Microserfs. One of the guys in the Internet Explorer team made me a margarita. I insulted Internet Explorer. It was nice.

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