Past tense

ROM Chinese Lion

Last weekend, we got a chance to take advantage of the ROM’s very generous Free Friday Nights policy, and take a quick look around (Hey, it was only a short walk from our hotel in Yorkville).

It really got me thinking though: did these ancient civilizations ever imagine their stuff, everything from golden idols to junked clay pots to their own mummified remains, would end up, centuries later, on display on an entirely different continent? Did their wisemen ever contemplated what the future would be like? Futurists from the 1960s envisioned skyscraper-sized computers and flying cars. What did Plato or da Vinci envision?

Surely, many civilizations had their own museums chronicling the lives and downfall of previous civilizations. Did they not realize that one day, their civilization would be nothing but artifacts, documentaries and Sid Meier computer games?

Maybe someday OUR civilization will be in glass cases, everything from pop idol CDs to discarded chocolate bar wrappers to our own cyrogenically frozen remains.

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