Car of the Future

They probably won’t fly, but they’ll have some neat toys on them.

The Volvo SCC concept vehicle has some smart ideas: adaptive headlights that narrow and swivel depending on if you’re turning, and how fast you’re going. An infrared eye scan that automatically adjusts the wheel and chair to your dimensions. And something I had proposed in Gr. 8, a rear-mounted camera view for when you’re backing up.

There have been other interesting ideas coming from other cars, such as alternative fuels (fuel cells, hybrids, hydrogen). Who wouldn’t want a multimedia-equipped, Bluetooth enabled car with electrorheological gel suspension?

Benz SLR ignition switch

But what is really cool is the ignition switch on the new Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. The shifter knob flips up, like a missile launcher switch, and you can start the car with your thumb.